Josephine Tuckfield

Josephine Tuckfield

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First Name * Josephine
Last Name * Tuckfield
Username * JosephineAu
Country * Australia
City Mt Gambier
Nationality British
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


People who know me usually call me Jo. I have been an artist and writer all my life really but in my youth I was encouraged to study clerical stuff and so I ended up working as a secretary.
In my late teens, there was a new doctor in town and he was running a first aid course. He was young and handsome and I was smitten so I signed up. During the course I became intrigued with the human body and health and not long after I became a student nurse. Over the years my nursing career developed and was diverted in a domestic way when I became the mother of three wonderful and talented daughters. All the while along the way I was writing on pieces of paper and drawing sketches in an unruly and disorganized manner. As the children grew up I gradually resumed my work as a nurse and finally became a manager.
Eventually, through redundancy I was forced to come to a professional halt and at first my energies were directed towards constructing workshops for training. While I was constructing these workshops I started to develop my skills in computer art through the creation of my own visuals. I purchased Poser 4 and from there my horizons expanded into the world I now know and love.
I now have three illustrated books for sale at and I am in the process of writing the third book of a trilogy. I have been a member here for a long time and have enjoyed experiencing the art of others.
I have decided that now it is time to share mine.
I hope you enjoy.